One may feel a bit aloof or awkward because of having a crooked nose. Although there are many ways to enhance your appearance, one of the options which you may be considering involves correcting your crooked nose. If you’re wondering about how you can get this slight deformity settled, then it would be a good idea to inquire from your top plastic surgeon.

There are a couple of reasons and solutions which you can learn from as you get your crooked nose corrected. This type of nasal deformity can be a challenge to be repaired, hence it’s necessary for you to know what to expect before, during and after the procedure. Here are some pieces of information you’ll certainly find useful:

The Reasons for Having a Crooked Nose

Whether congenital, caused by an accident or a result from your previous nose job, it is important to know the actual cause of why your nose tilts a certain way. In some of the patients’ cases, the deviation of their septa can cause them to have breathing problems and even uneven or misshapen noses. Having a pronounced deviation of the septum means the wall dividing the left and right nasal passages is uneven, hence leading to the crooked nose effect.

Some patients might have crooked noses since they’ve sustained injuries when they got born. Others who’ve had related diseases also had their connective nasal tissues deformed. Intense activities might also lead to injuries or trauma and may lead a person to have a crooked nose.

Your Procedural Options

Septoplasty is one of the common treatments which can be applied to a patient’s crooked nose. In this process, the process of the septum which is deviated will be removed and the remaining portion will then be sutured for stabilization. Not only does this process improve a person’s appearance, but it also helps one in breathing better.

Cartilage grafting or inclusion of other materials which can serve as cartilages is another solution which you may consider. The sourced out cartilage will then be used to support some parts of the nose or even alter its shape into a more symmetrical one. Some patients will have cartilages sourced from their septa, ribs or ears. One method which you may expect to have would be the spreader graft. This one is actually a cartilage strip which can be placed on either or both sides of a patient’s septum. It will then work as a splint to keep the nose’s bridge straight.

Revision Rhinoplasty

It can also be disappointing to find how your previous procedure was not the type of success which you expected. Nasal deviations due to errors or a crooked nose which has not been fully fixed could be few of the reasons why you need revision Rhinoplasty. Either way, a series of corrective steps can be done to fully correct your nasal deviations.

To know more about how a crooked nose can best be corrected, see a top plastic surgeon today. Fully know what it requires and considers how the treatment will be applied in your specific situation.

Correcting a Crooked Nose

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