Did you recently experience any form of facial trauma? If so, it would be safe to check if you have a broken nose. For most people, this condition can be evident right after experiencing an accident or getting injured due to playing sports. If you indeed have a broken nose, it will be helpful to know its nature along with your options when it comes to treating it.

Here are some of the basic details which you need to know when it comes to treating a broken nose:

What is a Broken Nose?

First of all, it will be practical to know what exactly characterizes a broken nose. This type of condition is also known as a nasal fracture, and it shows a crack or fracture in the bone of a person’s nose. Often times, the broken bone can be found over the bridge of your nose. Those who play a lot of contact or extreme sports, and have experienced falls or motor vehicle-related accidents may encounter facial trauma.

The Symptoms of a Broken Nose

There are telltale signs which can indicate how a person may have a broken nose. Some of them include redness, pain or swelling. Whenever a patient touches his or her nose, a crackling or crunching sound may also be heard. If you find it difficult to breathe through your nose since it feels blocked, you might also have a broken nose. Crookedness or changing of shapes can also show how a person might have a broken nose.

Some Home Remedies

Normally, a mild type of broken nose can be treated within three days to three weeks. The healing will depend on the gravity of the injury. Still, it would be best to have your nose inspected and checked by the doctor, so you can confirm whether you’ll indeed need to simply treat your nose at home.

Some of the remedies which might be prescribed to you include holding an ice pack for fifteen minutes, and throughout the day, and taking a Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to ease the pain you might be feeling. Nosebleeds can be treated by being pinched to fifteen minutes at most. When lying in bed, the doctor may also suggest for you to keep your head upright so the swelling can be lessened.

The Need for Further Medical Help

For more serious injuries, the mentioned home remedies might not be as effective and this is where seeking for help and treatment may be considered. You must consider seeing a doctor again if the shape of your nose has changed or it has become crooked. If your nose’s swelling still has not gone down after three days, this also means you must see your doctor. If you have a large cut, are finding it difficult to breathe, are having constant nosebleeds or are having a high temperature, then this would be another reason for you to see a specialist.

Broken noses can be treated depending on the varying degrees, by which they’ve caused discomfort to individuals. As soon as you get a broken nose for any reason, it will always be safe to have it inspected by the doctor.


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