If movies and dramas want to portray a person wanting to get a nose job, then he/she is usually in his/her early 20s. This stereotype may discourage and prevent you from having rhinoplasty when you’re already in your 30s and 40s. But you should ditch now this misconception.

Think you’re too old to go under the knife?  Take a look at these real stories of people who had their nose corrected and reshaped later in life.

1. Cher, 71

Thanks to rhinoplasty – the goddess of pop,  Cher, has now a smaller and narrower nose. Check out her before and after photos and you’ll see how thin and slim her nose is. In fact, such change has complemented well the singer’s facial features.

The 71-year-old Cher is indeed turning back time with her youthful look. And what’s great about her is that she has always been open about how cosmetic surgery helped her achieve her ageless look.

2. Cameron Diaz, 45

It was in 2006 when Cameron Diaz had a surfing accident which left her nose broken, and thus required surgery. In her book entitled Longevity, she revealed that the procedure was done purely for health reasons. This was not the first time, however, that Diaz suffered a surfing accident. She also had a surfing accident in 2003 but it was only three years after when she decided to have her broken nose fixed.

3. Sophie Gardon, 31

Last year, Love Island’s Sophie Gardon had a non-surgical procedure to fix the slight bump on her nose. On her Instagram, she posted a video of how the procedure is done and how happy she is with the results. A filler was used to fix her broken nose and make it more straight and symmetrical.

Your age should not stop you from getting a nose job in order to fix your broken nose or correct your breathing problems. Whether in your 40s, 50, or 60s, you can always have your nose fixed, lifted, and reshaped. The only challenge is to find a trustworthy rhinoplasty surgeon who will weigh your expectations against the reality.

Think You’re Too Old for Rhinoplasty? Think Again!

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