Are you thinking of whether you should get a nose job? If you’re still hesitant or even skeptical of the benefits which it can bring in your life, then perhaps reading up about people’s stories can help in making up your mind.

Here are some of the inspiring stories where nose jobs have brought more confidence and hope to patients:

Born with a Cleft Palate

Teenagers and young adults who have been born with cleft palates can attest to how undergoing Rhinoplasty has changed their lives. Having a birth defect such as the cleft palate can bring in speech issues and eating challenges for most of those who have it. Speaking in front of the class can be daunting especially for teens who will need to make presentations. However, after undergoing surgery, those who have been born with such a defect may already be more comfortable and confident in their skin. They can be more self-assured in knowing they look much more presentable and can carry themselves well.

Passionate Yet Injured Athletes

For professional athletes and even serious enthusiasts, they would understand the risks which are related to playing extreme sports. Having broken noses and swollen black eyes are in fact common especially for Mixed Martial Artists. Those who also play extreme sports such as rugby are at risk of having fractured noses. Those who are still very much committed to their sport can attest to the effectiveness of the nose jobs they’ve had as they became more comfortable with their breathing, plus they do not need to worry about prolonged bleeding. As a result of their injuries, they have become more careful during their games by wearing guards. They have learned to use the prescribed protective equipment to prevent nose-related injuries.

Recovering from Physical Abuse

Unfortunately, there are adults and children who get their noses broken due to attacks that were caused by their loved ones or guardians. In such case, not only would they experience the pains in a physical sense. They will only need to heal up emotionally and psychologically. Having gone through surgeries have given them the hope they need, as they see the beautiful results through their improved appearances, post-surgery. They have also sought help from agencies and government authorities, so they could have a blank slate and a fresh start while leaving their hurtful pasts behind.

Healing from Car Accidents

A car accident can result in a patient having a deviated septum. This condition is related to how the nose’s central cartilage called the septum is off center. Because of this, the flow of air to and from the nose’s left and right nostrils is uneven. A patient who has a deviated septum is at risk of having repeated sinus infections and nosebleeds. While a car accident can be traumatic in itself as an experience, patients may focus on emotionally healing from the accident. They would not need to experience the discomforts related to having a deviated septum.

Also, there are patients who’ve gained more confidence by getting a Rhinoplasty. These inspiring success stories just show how having a nose job can work to your advantage. Consider how it can also be beneficial for you by consulting with a top specialist today.

Top Inspiring Nose Job Stories

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